1 Safety Locking Strap Latch Appliance Refrigerator Cabinet Child Baby Proofing

by ATB
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1 Locking Strap Latch Appliance Refrigerator Cabinet Child Safety Baby Proofing Measures 8" Long !
Depending on the position that it will be finally placed, you just need to cut one or two of the front or back flaps and the length as is needed before you install it.
This design gives options to be used in many brands of kitchen cabinets, or other applications.
The center red lock shift position to open and close to challenge the opening.
If is in open you can squeeze the buckle. If is in close you can not squeeze the buckle.
This strap is 8 inches long (including the buckle ) made of loop self adhesive back.
Good to use on stain steel appliances, wood, metal, and glass surfaces.
Best use is for indoors. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to remove it.
This Locking Strap Latch is designed to restrain to open a two door refrigerator, drier, washing machine, and cabinet doors that are separated up to two inches, glass doors and for cabinet drawer. No tools or hardware is needed.
Straps are made of loop self adhesive back strap, easy to install and remove.
The self adhesive back has a very strong bond.