100 Pcs Disposable Beard Cover Hair Net Latex Free Cooking Protection Kitchen

by ATB
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100 Pcs Disposable Beard Cover Hair Net Face Protector Latex Free White Kitchen

Make sure your kitchen is following sanitation protocol with this Royal Paper disposable polypropylene beard cover.
Ensure food safety and kitchen hygiene with this this Royal Paper polypropylene beard cover!
This protective cover prevents any loose hairs from falling into your food or on your preparation table.
Great for use in restaurants, catering businesses, food processing facilities, and retail, this beard protector is economical and ideal for everyday use.
Made of lightweight, spun-bound polypropylene, this cover is comfortable to wear throughout staff members' entire shift!
The breathable material expands to accommodate all beard lengths and volumes, so it fits everyone.
Thanks to the latex-free design, this beard cover is great for all employees and minimizes the threat of allergy breakouts in the workplace. Your staff won't even notice they're wearing it.
* Color: White
* Breathable Material
* Latex Free
* Lightweight
* Material: Polypropylene
* One Size fits most beards