1 Roll Lock Sanding Polishing Mandrel 1/4 Shank Discs Roloc Drill Rotary Tools

by ATB
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1" Roll Lock Sanding Polishing Mandrel 1/4" Shank Discs Roloc Drill Rotary Tools !

• Sanding and polishing mandrel is for use with roll lock discs and pads of any grit possible. All it takes is one simple turn and the disc is securely locked onto the mandrel.
• Easy to use - Threaded backs and roll lock design screw securely and allow quick and easy disc changes. Can be used with an air or electric drill, die grinder, and other rotary tools easily with universal ¼” shank.
• Ideal for sanding and polishing jobs - Mandrel allows quick sanding, grinding, leveling and stripping surfaces. Remove rust and preps surfaces like soft and hard woods, chip boards, fiber boards, non-ferrous metals, plastic, cork, rubber, and minerals.
• Durable - Sanding and polishing mandrels are made of high quality heavy duty steel to ensure that they never break when in use. Rust Resistant construction makes for a very long life of use.
• Mandrels can be used on any drill or dremel rotary tool.Use with Rotary tools, drills, & die grinders. Mandrels comes in popular ¼” size.