1 Genuine Pink Leather Passport Cover CASE Holder Wallet Travel Gold US Seal

by ATB
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Pink leather passport cover holder
Your passport is your more important piece of documentation when traveling outside US.
So it's reasonable to take care of your passport, and keep it in good shape while traveling and when it's stored at home.
That's why we are offering you this great passport cover, wallet type. In pink genuine leather.
This cover will protect your passport and keep it always in good shape.

Genuine Pink Leather passport holder
Sleeves securely hold the front and back cover in place
The words:  PASSPORT & United States of America are printed on the cover in GOLD! 
(Just like on the front cover of your passport)
3 7/8 Inches WIDE x 5 1/2 Inches TALL
7 1/2 Inches WIDE x 5 1/2 Inches TALL