10 Pack Empty Bottles Refillable Soap Dispenser Hand Sanitizer Plastic Jar 2oz

by ATB
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$ 33.90
$ 16.96
Refillable soap, cream and hand sanitizer dispensers are an economical alternative to buying new bottles over and over.
Simply fill with your favorite soap, lotion and/or hand sanitizer (even shampoo and conditioner) and place in the bathroom, kitchen, or carry it with you everywhere you go.
Comes in White PET plastic bottle with a silver cap.
Measures approximately 3.5" H x 2" W, 1.5" in diameter.
Perfect for small amounts of shampoo, lotion, skin creams, soaps, hand sanitizers and much more.
Great to keep to keep it with you so you can have your hands clean and sanitized at all times.
This listing is for 10 bottles and 10 pumps.
Note: Bottles are empty.