3 Pack RFID Blocking Sleeves Identity Theft Credit Card Protector Passport New

by ATB
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$ 30.99
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Brand New Top Of The Line Lewis N Clark RFID Passport Shield!
Protect yourself against identity theft and travel safe.
This is a brand new RFID blocking material, that helps prevent electronic pickpocketing and identity theft.
Store passport in this sleeve when not in use to help prevent unauthorized scanning.
Its tear and water resistant.

Electronic pickpockets know this.
Now you have an inexpensive means of adding another layer of personal identity protection.
These specially lined pockets block RFID signals so the information cannot be read.
Since 2006, US passports, some major credit card companies and many US state DMV driver's license divisions have included a radio frequency chip on your identification.
Size: 3.85" W X 5.47" H