8 Luggage Straps Adjustable Travel Safe Belt Suitcase Baggage Backpack Bag

by ATB
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8 Brand New Travel Luggage Suitcase Straps Baggage Backpack Bright Colors Belt Adjustable !

Available colors: Green, Orange, and Grey! Colors SHIPPED RANDOMLY based on availability.
Why put luggage straps on your luggage?
They protect and keep your luggage safe and secure.
These straps will keep your luggage closed at any time, even when you over pack!
You are able to identify your luggage quickly, using these bright colored straps you will recognize immediately your suitcases and bags.
Avoid losing your luggage, when others grab your luggage by mistake.
They are heavy duty woven straps and have a secure buckle.
They will fit suitcases up to 80" in circumference.
Luggage featured in picture is not included, only for viewing purposes.