Hamsa Keychain Evil Eye Religious Charm Amulet Kabbalah Blue Chain Gift New !

by ATB
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1 Hamsa Keychain Religious Charm Amulet Kabbalah Evil Eye Chrystal Blue Chain !

* Length from top to bottom: 3.8" approx
* Height of hand from top to bottom 2.1"
* Ring diameter 1.2"
* The key in picture is not included only for viewing purposes.
This quality crafted Hamsa with eye bead has a spiritual symbol, the protective eye with a blue bead in the center, is a symbol of protection from evil spirits.
The combination of elegance and flair makes this key chain a jewelry piece.
It is surrounded by a beautiful decoration in blue and red color. This universal symbol of the lucky eye and hamsa hand is very popular.
It represents protection, blessings, power and strength.
Take the power of the lucky eye with you everywhere, this keychain is subtle but also accomplishes its purpose of helping identify your keys easier.
Evil eye, the nazar eye, blue eye, hamsa eye, Greek evil eye and so much more.
Let the Legend of the Lucky Eye be with you!