3 Food Container Freezer Microwave Dishwasher Safe Lids Plastic Lunch BPA FREE

by ATB
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3 Brand New Freezer Microwave Dishwasher Safe Container Plastic Food Safe Square !

This amazing 3 pack plastic container with lids is great for any person.
It is the answer to your problems when wanting to to take different food items.
When wanting to save leftovers just place them inside and they will stay fresh in the refrigerator or freezer.
Want to take your food on the go to school work and more just place it in side.
You are also able to heat up that cold food in the microwave in these containers. These containers are reusable or disposable as well.
Always wash container before using them.
They fit 24ox / 709ml approx..
Measures: 5.5" W X 3 H, Rectangle shape.