Barbeque BBQ Grill Brush Brass Bristles & Scraper Tool Long Handle Cooking New !

by ATB
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Brush & Clean your BBQ grill after each cook out to prolong the life of your grill.
Great for cleaning your barbeque grill, brass bristles are strong and durable Hang hole for easy storage.

Black Durable Plastic Brush
8 Inch Total Length with a hanging hole

The bristles are 6/8 " (almost 1/2 inch) and cover 2" X 2"
The scraper is 2.75" wide blade.

When the job is this tough it takes more than your average hair brush to get the filth off. For a job like this you call in the big boys. For this job, you need this BBQ Brush and Scrapper. The coarse metal bristles remove decades old grime and grit while the full metal scraping edge flicks those tough-to-get-rid-of chunks of cheese off the grill as if it were a spider on your shoulder.