Window Guard Pin Lock Set for Sliding Doors Windows Chrome Nitelock Home Safety

by ATB
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$ 14.99
$ 6.25
New Window Guard Pin Lock Set for Sliding Doors and Windows Extra-Long 3-5" Pin !!
This is the ultimate in security for sliding windows and doors and it stronger than factory latches.
Unique locking feature prevents pin from falling out or being wiggled out from outside.
Easy installation with all hardware includes pin hanger longer 3-5" steel pin with 8" retainer chain so pin is never lost.
All-steel components, nickel-plated for extra rust & corrosion resistance.
Windows and doors that slide open are a favorite entry point for criminals.
They open & close silently and factory-installed locks/latches are often easy to defeat.
Constructed of high-strength 4.7mm hardened steel with 3-1/2in length that's 40% longer than other pins, more metal for more protection.